Living Trusts

California Living Trusts

What is a living trust?

It is a written document that allows you to efficiently transfer property at your death to your loved ones. It is essentially the same as a will, except that, under the law, a living trust has the vital advantage of not having to go through the expensive and time-consuming probate court process.

What a living trust does for you:

• Avoids probate and all its hassles and expenses

• Allows you to keep full control over your property during your life, to keep the power to change or revoke the trust at any time

• Allows efficient and quick transfer of property to your loved one’s upon your death, usually within weeks(instead of the usual 6+ months required under a will)

• Provides privacy. Living trusts are kept private, unlike wills, which upon death, become public, so that anyone can read a will and know all about your private affairs, your assets and who you gave them to.

Here’s what you get for your California Living Trust:

• Consultation with experienced attorney who will advise you and answer all your questions and concerns.

• Preparation of your Living Trust, (signing and notarization); preparation of your property transfer deed(to convey the property to the living trust once its formed), and the recording of the deed

*Recording/notary fees extra; includes 1 property deed/transfer, additional properties $150 extra per property