Client Success Stories


John Donahue - Santa Monica Estate Planning AttorneyI always come back to the idea that my clients put a great deal of trust in me to do their estate planning, and taking exceptional care of them is a privilege.

“John was recommended to us by a friend and we are very happy we went to him to get our estate plan completed for our family and my Mom. Right away you can tell that he is very knowledgeable, and that he genuinely cares about his clients.  We are so relieved to have gotten this done so we can feel things are taken care of for my Mom and for our kids future.”

—Tom and Susan D., Santa Monica


“We  knew our family needed to do a trust, but we had always put it off. When we talked to John, he explained everything to us in plain English that was easy to understand. I highly recommend your firm and have referred several friends for their estate planning.”

—Monica R. ; West LA

“We finally got it done–now we have peace of mind!  We highly recommend John for his thoroughness and professionalism. Now we have the peace of mind of just having our things in order. Working through the planning process with John was easier then we expected; although these are difficult issues to deal with, he took the time to understand our family situation and answer our concerns. John is very informed about the laws and very professional. We feel like we were in good hands. He is also down to earth and made us feel comfortable throughout the process, even in talking about difficult issues.”

—Bob and Chris Y., Hollywood

“Rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. My wife and I just had a baby and knew we needed to get our guardian and inheritance issues in order, just in case. John made us feel at ease and comfortable working through the papers. He was so very thorough, helpful and professional in getting us through the process. I have recommended him to other friends.”

—M.D.. Pacific Palisades

“John is very friendly and you can tell he truly cares about helping his clients. I feel like we our estate planning is all taken care of, and that John will be there for us in the future when we need help.”

—Robert and Shannon; Los Angeles