So….What Will My Estate Plan Cost?
Flat Fee Pricing: We do not believe in surprises, so we charge a flat fee for our estate plans and we will tell you what the cost will be during our initial consultation. Since each estate plan is customized and includes different levels of complexity, we cannot give an exact cost until we learn about your particular situation, needs and objectives.  During the initial consultation, if you are pleased with the suggested plan and the flat fee price quoted, you may retain us and be assured there will be no surprises–no extra add on fees and costs.

Why Flat Fee Pricing?: We do not like our clients being afraid to ask questions and being constantly worrying that the “meter is running”, with every question adding more hourly attorneys fees.  The process of creating an estate plan is a very personal and important process for you and your family’s future and we sincerely want you to be able to take the time and ask the questions you need to understand your options and how your plan works.

What form of payments do you accept? Personal check, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal

When is Payment Expected? Upon retaining us the complete your estate plan, half the cost will be due, and upon completion of the document drafts, the balance will be due. House Calls/Weekend or Evening Visits: These appointments may require a non-refundable deposit which will be applied toward your estate planing fee should you retain us.