Los Angeles Estate Planning Attorney John Donahue


Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer John Donahue

My name is John Donahue. I am a Los Angeles Probate and Estate Planning attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience, dedicated to providing you with customized solutions to your estate planning needs.

You have probably visited our site to find some information about estate planning, wills, trusts, etc. Maybe you know you need some kind of estate plan, but have been putting it off because you are too busy, or you think it will be too difficult or too expensive.

This is where I can help.

My firm is dedicated to identifying and implementing the estate planning solutions you need.  I will guide you through the process, and in most cases within two weeks, complete a custom-tailored estate plan that distributes your assets and protects the needs of your loved ones, create a trust, will, power of attorney or other estate planning need.

Personal Representation Focused On Your Needs: Being A Small Firm, Service and Individualized Attention Is Always Our Top Priority

  • I take the time to personally meet with each client one-on-one to find out the details of their particular situation, and prepare custom tailored documents that fit you and your family’s specific needs.
  • I stay up to date on all the new estate law changes, cutting edge legal strategies that can be used to build better estate plans and maximize tax, probate and other avoidable costs that can erode your estate


What We Are Not:

I do not create “one-size-fits-all”, “out-of-the-box” plans that just lump all the clients into the same category, handing the work over to an inexperienced assistant to complete. I genuinely care that my clients are taken care of, and give them individual attention they deserve to get a customized estate plan to meet their unique needs.

Next Steps: If you have questions or would like to start the process, we will be more than happy to speak with you about your situation and answer any questions. You may reach us personally at (310) 735-9877